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Javac Refrigerant Manifolds & Gauges

Javac offer a complete range of manifolds to cover all refrigerants. Every Javac manifold is built from forged steel for use with high pressure refrigerants. To guarantee a perfect seal, all valves are piston based which also maximises capacity flow. All gauges include anti flutter technology with 1% accuracy. Calibration is available for all manifolds.

Refrigeration Gauges

Below is a simple table to guide you as to which gauge is suitable for your needs: 

Part Numbers
& Description
Javac Manifolds
R22, 407C, 404A, 134A
Set of 3 72″ Hoses
Hard Carry Case
Sight Glass
Bar & PSi
Ball Valve Type 1/4 Turn
EL66300 2 Valve
EL66372 2 Valve
EL74300 2 Valve
EL84372 2 Valve
EL86372 2 Valve
EL75300 4 Valve
EL75372 4 Valve
EL75700 4 Valve
EL75172 4 Valve