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XTR-PRO-DV Dual Voltage 110v/240v Recovery Unit


The JAVAC XTR-PRO-DV is the first DUAL VOLTAGE portable recovery units offered in our premium commercial range of products.
An industry first “X-CONNECT-TECHNOLOGY” protects the XTR-PRO-DV’s vital components against incorrect voltage e.g. 240v supply when switched to 110v.

*XTR-PRO-DV comes set on 240v with a 240V lead. A 110v lead is extra.

Some of the special features of the XTR-PRO-DV include a heavy duty 1/2 HP high torque AC motor, reduced noise and increased liquid pumping by up to 50%. This ensures that the residual vapour moves faster and delivers your results quicker. This unit provides true multi purpose recovery, capable of recovering a range of CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s with blends of A & B variations of most of these gases. The XTR-PRO-DV includes a comprehensive built in manifold analyser. Purge and self cleaning is “on the fly” so there is no need to shut down. You can push, pull and sub cool by using this advanced facility. Built in safety features include; cool to touch, refrigerant connections that point down away from your eyes, safety switches, thermal overloads, circuit breakers and convenient connection points all on one side of the unit.

Overall, the XTR-PRO-DV is ergonomically designed, making this unit easy to carry. Like all of JAVA C’s products, it is built to stringent standards for quality.

Key Features
• dual voltage 240v/110v
• Combined 30KG/HR, Push Pull 300KG/HR,
Vapour 15KG/HR,Liquid 90KG/HR
• Weight: 13kg
• Size: 420mm (L) 290mm (W) 420mm (H)
• Oil free compressor
• Ceramic bearings
• Integrated self purge
• High power fan cooling
• Purge Facility
• HP and LP gauge fully enclosed
• Integrated circuit breaker protection
• High capacity condenser
• Connection fittings ¼ SAE
• Liquid and vapour recovery
• 110V or 240V easy selection switch
Additional Features
• Recovers most refrigerants
• Easy to clean inlet filter
• Robust blow moulded case
12 month warranty

*When used on 110v through a transformer, the transformer must be no less than 3.3KVA. (Transformer Part Number: JAV-31264) (Picture shown below).

31264 Draper Transformer

* The 110v cable must be no less than a 1.5 core.


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