Why the DigimonSE is the ideal manifold for you


The Digimon SE is the latest generation of digital manifolds available from REFCO. The Digimon SE is the ideal manifold for efficient and safe maintenance and operation of Refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Now available in both 2 valve and 4 valve, boasting a smaller compact design and sturdy housing in comparison to its predecessor. The improved robustness paired with its impressive functionality really does make it make it a must have for any engineer.

With the latest in manifold technology it features a backlit LCD display allowing for superheating, sub cooling, vacuum levels and leakage test to be shown as well as pressure and temperature readings. Also new on the Digimon SE is the analogue display feature for those of us out there who still swear by their trusty set of analogue gauges!

Available in various versions with or without carry case and hoses, with accessories such as a K-type clamp thermocouple and external vacuum sensor also available.

R32 ready stamp


Are you R32 ready? Well the Digimon SE is, included in its 49 refrigerant tables is the new range of mildly flammable A2L refrigerants such as R1234yf, R1234ze and R32. The introduction of these new gases means engineers need the correct tools and equipment for the job and the REFCO Digimon SE ticks all the boxes.

For more information on the Digimon SE please visit http://www.javac.co.uk/r32serviceequipment/refco-digimon-se-2-valve-4-valve-digital-manifold-r32/


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