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    • A handy deburring tool with a rotating blade.
    • Removes rough or irregular edges of pipe.
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    BM4-3-DS-R134A Manifold

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    36″ Hose Set with BV

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    60″ Hose Set with BV

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    CA-CCL-72 72″ Hose Set with BV

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    CCL-36-CA-1/2″-20UNF Charging Hose Set

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    CCL-72 R410a Hose Set

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    CCL-60-CA 60″ Hose Set with Valves

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    CCL-36-CA Hose Set 36”

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    BM4-3-DS-CLIM Manifold

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    CCL-72-CA 72″ Hose Set with Valves

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    BM4-3-DS-R32 4 Valve R32 Manifold

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    M1-8-HP-DS-R32 /1way manifold only in bx

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    100mm Dial Thermometer 1.5m

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    Piercing Pliers 14210

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    Pinch off Pliers

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    14280 Pinch-Off Pliers 5-10mm

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    Bending Spring Set

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    BM2-3-DS-R134A Manifold

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    4688158 Refco 2 valve R32-R410A Manifold

    REFCO R32/R410A 2 Valve Manifold with ball valve hoses

    This 2 valve Refco manifold is designed to deal with the high pressures of R32 and R410A with Teflon sealed, ball valve, 72” hoses. 63mm gauges utilise both Bar and PSI. All packed in a handy Refco carry case.

    • Premium Bourdon-type gauges – class 1.6
    • Zero point adjustable
    • Piston style valves to ensure perfect sealing
    • Forged aluminium body – durable & lightweight
    • Complete with 3 x 72” Refco R/Y/B hoses with ball valves
    • Robust carry case

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    4688124 REFMATE Digital Manifold

    REFMATE Digital Manifold (2 & 4 valve options)

    With state-of-the-art technology and tried-and-tested features the REFMATE-2 has benefits in daily use. Instead of a touch display, the REFMATE has sturdy, intuitive buttons and an easy-to-read colour display with an analogue pointer. It’s practical too – the REFMATE can be locked for long-term measurements on construction sites. Supplied with 60” RYB hoses with or without CA valves stored in a sturdy plastic carry case.

  • Co2 Sub Critical 2 Valve Manifold

    2 valve manifolds with 80mm diameter oil filled gauges.

    Sub: LP -1 to +30 Bar, HP -1 to +50 Bar

  • GobiII-Condensate-Pump

    Gobi Ii

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    hose set 60'

    R410a / R32 Hose Set 60” (x3)

    • High quality lines
    • Suitable for R410A / R32
    • Working pressure 60 BAR / 870 PSI
    • 1/4 x 5/16th connector
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    Refco Replacement Hose Gaskets

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    Refco Manifold Knobs

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    Refco Replacement Gauges

  • Combi-condensate-pump


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    Refco Oil Change Pump

    Product key features:

    • Ideal tool to recover oil from a AC/R compressor without the compressor having to be dismantled. 100ml recovery volume per pump stroke.
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    Refco Oil Charge Pump

  • Check-valve

    Refco Check Valve

    Product key features:

    • Comes with flare cap and schrader.
    • Half union 1/8” NPT x 1/4” SAE.
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    Refco Tap Set

    • Wireless digital pressure and temperature gauge set to measure temperature and pressure from the low and high sides of AC / R systems.
    • Available as one set (x1 gauge, x1 clamp) or 2 sets (x2 gauges, x2 clamps) or individually.
    • Connect up to 6 pressure gauges and temperature clamps
    • Calculates sub heating & sub cooling
    • Library of over 50 refrigerants
    • Display on pressure gauge and temperature clamp
    • App available (IOS & Android compatible)
    • Reports can be stored and emailed
    • Refrigerant updates available via Micro USB connection
    • Hard plastic carry case
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    Refco Bm2-3-ds-r290/r600 Hydrocarbon Manifold

    Product key features:

    Hydrocarbon manifold for R290, R600a, R600
    Includes x3 36” hoses Red, Yellow, Blue
    Hard plastic carry case

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    Refco Clim A/c Manifold Kits

    Product key features:

    All 54 bar Max allowable manifold pressure

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    Refco R410a Manifolds

    Product key features:

    All 54 bar Max allowable manifold pressure

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    Refco 4 Valve Multi-gas Manifolds

    All 30 bar Max allowable manifold pressure.

  • Refco 2 Valve Multi-gas Manifolds

    Product key features:

    • All R32 ready
    • Suitable for Multi Gas Refrigerants
    • All 55 bar Max allowable manifold pressure
  • ICM_4040_0_Inverter_phase_checker_1_LOW_RES

    Inverter Phase Check

    Product key features:

    Diagnostic instrument for problem analysis on air conditioners The Inverter Checker Module is a diagnostic instrument for problem analysis for air conditioners. This testing device is constructed for both installation and maintenance. It shows whether the inverter and also the serial communication are functioning correctly. This allows the technician to identify simple faults and saves a lot of time used for finding a problem and removing it.

    * Please note, cables must be bought seperaltely

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    Refco Meter Octa Scales

    Product key features:

    • The REF METER OCTA incorporates all the excellent features of the REF METER. The most accurate and precise refrigerant charging scale available today
    • Out sized platform for weighing larger refrigerant cylinders.
    • Easy to read LCD display
    • Lightweight sturdy aluminium body
    • Programmable with built in memory
    • Can be calibrated in the field
    • Refrigerant tank capacity indicator
    • A handy ‘Auto reel cable’ attaches the hand held LCD display to the scale
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    Hose Sets

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    Refco HY-EX Hydraulic Tube Expander Range

    Product key features:

    • Easy, single hand operation.
    • 120º angle.
    • Interchangeable heads 3/8 – 1 1/8″.
    • Compatible with REFCO expander systems.
    • Includes deburring tool (RFA-209-STYLO-HD).
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    Charging Line Set 1/4” (x3)

    • High quality lines Suitability standard refrigerants
    • Working pressure 60 BAR / 870 PSI
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    Single Charging Line 1/4” (x1)

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    Refco Vacuum Gauge

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    Dial Thermometer

    Product key features:

    Universal design which can be mounted form the back or from the front. Elegant plastic construction at a very competitive price.

    • Temp range: -40 to +40°
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    Hook on Thermometer

    Product key features:

    • ·Scale -40 to + 40°C
    • Ø 65mm

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