Bulldog Vacuum Pump – are you R32 ready? 16/10/18

An Engineer favourite, JAVAC are known for providing some of the most quality and reliable vacuum pumps available on the market. Already offering Engineers a wide range of vacuum pumps designed to suit many sizes of systems, the R32 ready, Bulldog vacuum pump is the latest innovation to be added to the company’s offer.   


With the changeover to the mildly flammable R32 refrigerant, Engineers and manufacturers both understand the importance of having tools that are designed specifically to deal with the mildly flammable gas. With years of engineering and servicing experience JAVAC are the go-to experts for installers who need advice, guidance and recommendations for products that are R32 ready.


Critically, for end users who insist on Sparkproof equipment for R32 installations, the Bulldog is the perfect pump for the job. Designed specifically for systems where A2L/ R32 gases are in use, the Bulldog has a sealed, spark proof switch – critical when dealing with the mildly flammable refrigerant. A built in solenoid Isolation valve prevents loss of vacuum in the event of power failure and with high vacuum as low as 1.5 microns, the Bulldog is packed with engineer focused features.


Durable, lightweight and containing a dual-oil demister and spark proof switching, this two stage oil sealed vacuum pump is a must have for any engineers van.


Technical specification

Voltage all units: 220/240V / 50Hz

Vacuum all units: 1.5 micron Free air displacement 160 L/min

Intake Fittings all units: 1/4 SAE 3/8 SAE 1/2 ACME


Features and Benefits

  • Spark proof design
  • Two stage oil sealed vacuum pump
  • Isolation solenoid valve
  • Ultimate vacuum of 1.5 micron & free air displacement 160 L/min
  • Dual-oil demister to prevent mist & smoke
  • Fitted with a tri-connector suitable for 1/4” SAE, 3/8” SAE & 1/2” ACME
  • Multi voltage units are available on request


The Bulldog looks set to become the engineers vacuum pump of choice, with a multitude of R32 ready features and quality as standard.


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