Brazing & Welding Equipment

Brazing & Welding Equipment

    Maxy Flame Kit

    • Twin cartridge capacity for Maxy Gas bottles.
    • Extended handle for ease of transportation.
    • Significantly lighter than a standard Oxy/Acetylene kit.
    • Extended 5m hose set included.
    • Adaptable trolley to support mid size nitrogen bottle.
    • No rental charges on Maxy Gas cartridges.


    Heat Shield – Heat Blocking Compound

    A reusable putty designed to protect sensitive parts from heat damage during brazing, soldering and welding.

  • flexi-torch-sml

    Flexi Torch

    Product key features:

    •  Trigger start ignition
    •  Flexible 205mm burner tube
    •  Access hard to reach places
    •  Tube stays cool throughout use
    •  Swirl flame

    Ideal for:

    •  Heat treating
    •  Braze copper pipe
    •  Hardened steel
    • Thawing pipes
    •  Loosening rusty bolts

    Oxy-acetylene Brazing and Welding Toolkit

    Kit includes:
    1 x oxygen regulator
    1 x acetylene regulator
    1 x brazing torch and mixer
    1 x pair of 5m hoses
    1 x flip up brazing goggles
    3 x L/WT nozzles (assorted sizes)
    1 x pistol grip spark lighter
    1 x cylinder spanner
    1 x nozzle cleaning set
    1 x pair of flashback arrestors

  • brasing torch

    Olympus Brazing & Soldering Torch

    Product key features:

    • Auto ignition
    •  Variable control swirl flame
    •  For use with MAPp & Propane gas
    • High temperature, faster brazing
    • 360º swivel tip
  • fusion-dual-brazing-torch-sml

    Fusion Dual Brazing Torch

    Product key features:

    • Manual ignition
    •  Double barrel
    •  Variable control swirl flame
    •  For use with mapp & propane gas
    •  High temperature, faster brazing
    •  360º swivel tip
  • Brazing-Rods

    S2 Brazing Rods

    Product key features:

    •  S2 self-fluxing silver copper – phosphorus alloy brazing rods
    • Suitable for the brazing of copper to copper and copper content alloys
    •  Melting range: solicud-645°c liquidus-850°c


    S20/21 when using do not eat, drink or smoke. S22 do not breathe dust. S36/37/39 wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.
    Safety data sheet available for professional user on request.

  • -flashback-arrestors

    Oxygen and Acetylene Flashback Arrestors

    Product key features:

    • FA sintered flame arresting element,
    • NV non return valve
    • TV thermal trip device
  • nozzle-cleaning-set

    Nozzle Cleaning Kit

  • comb-bottle-spanner

    Cylinder Bottle Spanner

  • trolley

    Oxygen and Acetylene Bottle Trolley

  • Front-Flip-Goggles

    Front Flip Goggles

  • lighter

    Spark Lighters

  • hose

    5 & 10 Meter Hoses for Oxygen and Acetylene

  • lwt-nozzle

    L/wt Nozzles

  • 81222-brazer

    L/wt Shank and Mixer for Oxygen and Acetylene

  • Oxy-reg-positional

    Single Stage Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators

    Product key features:

    • 63mm pattern gauges
    • Bottom entry built to BS EN ISO 2503
  • trolley

    Cylinder Trolley Oxy-act 5 & 10 Litre

    Product key features:

    •  Designed to fit 5 L cylinders
    •  Adjustable handle

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