Leak Detection

Leak Detection

  • D-TEK Stratus Refrigerant Leak Detector

    Worlds first hand-held cloud hunting leak detector with LCD readout!

    3 operating modes to locate leaks faster than ever: Cloud hunt; Pinpoint & Manual zero mode. Cloud hunt allows you to locate the general area of the leak, whilst Pinpoint mode gives you the precise location – 2 leak detectors in one portable unit with an easy to read LCD display

    4-point sensitivity settings in pinpoint mode (super, high, medium and low)

    New lithium ion battery with quick charge capability and easy field replacement

    Manual zero mode allows the engineer to zero the detector to background refrigerants

    Comes with an additional extra long probe for hard to reach areas, and multiple-region charging adaptors

    Probe filter (pre installed) can be easily checked and replaced, and redesigned infrared sensor has the longest life in the industry

    Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs

    Designed for ergonomic comfort with rugged carrying case and comes with a two-year replacement warranty

    Watch the quick start video:

  • Tek-mate Leak Detector

    Product key features:

    • F-GAS Compliant, tested to BSEN14624
    • Controls soft touch switch-off, low sensitivity, high sensitivity
    • Contamination adjustment – automatic
    • R22: 2g / yr
    •  R410A: 5g / yr

    Suggested spares:

    • Filter for Tek-mate 705-600-G1
    • Spare sensor for TEK-Mate 705-020-G1
  • D-tek 3 Leak Detector

    Product key features:

    • Detects all HCFCs, HFCs, HFOs, blends (including A2Ls), ammonia & SF6
    • Ultra high sensitivity to all standard refrigerant gases, 1gm/yr
    • Compatible with optional CO2 sensor
    • Longest sensor life in the industry

    Suggested spares:

    • TEK-Check reference leak 703-080-G10
  • G1 Gas Check Leak Detector

    • New and advanced gas leak detector which uses an advanced micro-thermal conductivity sensor.
    •  Rapidly detects almost any known gas or gas mixture – particularly sensitive to helium, hydrogen,
      ammonia, argon, butane & SF6
    • Conveniently calibrated against helium
    • Improved ‘Micro Thermal Conductivity Sensor’ for enhanced sensitivity
    • Reliable, stable and repeatable readings
  • Whisper Vacuum / Nitrogen Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • Gas-mate Trace-a-gas Leak Detector (atex Approved)

    •  For R32 and all standard refrigerants and hydrocarbons
    • Twice as sensitive as the nearest competitor
    • TRACE-A-GAS sensitivity hydrogen 5 grams a year.
    • Also detects natural gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol,
      isobutane and ammonia – R1234YF, R1234ZE, R32, R290, R600
    • Adjustable sensitivity helps pinpoint leaks fast
    • Auto-zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in leak test area
    • Certified intrinsically safe by MET Laboratories for use in combustive /
      explosive environments

    Suggested spares:

    • Sensor 706-700-G1
  • D-TEK C02 Leak Detector

    • Low risk of false alarms because it equalises to the CO2 present in the air
    • Consistent and accurate responses – infrared cell does not weaken over time
    • Will not react to smoke, humidity, airflow or temperature changes
    • Quick ‘zeroing’ from high efficiency air sampling
    • On-board diagnostics indicate charging status and warn of low battery or infrared
      cell failure
    • NiMH power stick won’t corrode and provides greater charging capacity

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