Leak Detection

Leak Detection

  • 724-202-G11 D-tek Stratus

    D-TEK Stratus Refrigerant Leak Detector


    • Automatic and manual zero modes
    • Rugged carrying case included
    • Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs
    • Two year replacement warranty


    • Innovative cloud hunter mode with ppm readout helps locate leaks faster than ever
    • Cloud hunter and pinpoint modes is like having two leak detectors in one
    • All new, redesigned infrared sensor
    • Longest sensor life in the industry
    • Easy field replacement
    • New lithium-ion battery
    • Quick charge capability
    • Easy field replacement


  • JAVAC-Tek-Mate-Leak-Detector-PIC01

    Tek-mate Leak Detector

    Product key features:

    • EN 14624:2012, CE marking per Safety and EMC
    • Controls One multi-function button for power and high/low sensitivity selection
    • No need for adjustments since the automatic background compensation feature continuously monitors and compensates for changing background “noise.”
    • Minimum sensitivity is 0.25 oz./year (7 g/a)
    • Sensitivity according to EN14624 (R134a) is 2 g/a

    Suggested spares:

    • Filter for Tek-mate 705-600-G1
    • Spare sensor for TEK-Mate 703-020-G1
  • JAV-1283

    D-tek 3 Leak Detector

    Product key features:

    • Low, Medium, High, and Super sensitivity settings
    • Automatic and manual zero modes
    • Rugged carrying case included
    • Detects all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, HFOs, and blends (including A2Ls)
    • Detects CO2 with optional CO2 sensor
    • Detects Hydrocarbons with optional A3 Sensor
    • Optional extra-long probe for hard-to-reach areas
    • Two year replacement warranty
    • Longest sensor life in the industry
    • All new, redesigned infrared sensor
    • Easy field replacement
  • Gas-Check-Leak-Detector

    G1 Gas Check Leak Detector

    • New and advanced gas leak detector which uses an advanced micro-thermal conductivity sensor.
    • Rapidly detects almost any known gas or gas mixture – particularly sensitive to helium, hydrogen,
      ammonia, argon, butane & SF6
    • Conveniently calibrated against helium
    • Improved ‘Micro Thermal Conductivity Sensor’ for enhanced sensitivity
    • Reliable, stable and repeatable readings
  • whisper-leak-nitrogen-detecor

    Whisper Vacuum / Nitrogen Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • Gas-Mate-new-logo

    Gas-mate Trace-a-Gas Leak Detector

    • Features• Multiple LEDs, variable intensity audio alarm indicate leak strength
      • Adjustable sensitivity helps pinpoint leaks fast
      • Made in the USA
      • Three year replacement warranty



      • Sensitive to 5 ppm methane
      • Also detects natural gas, forming gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane and ammonia
      • Great for flammable refrigerants like R290, R600a, and R441a
      • Detects forming gas (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen)
      • Auto zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in leak test area
      • Small sensor and probe tip permit leak checking in tighter places
      • Certified intrinsically safe by MET Laboratories for use in combustive/explosive environments

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